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Only through an extended network of trusted resellers located all over the world may we reach those thousands of companies, universities or governments that actively plan to use VNClagoon products and require professional assistance such as presales and technical support, consulting, training, customization, development, hosting and other services.

There is an enormous number of companies looking for advice, technical assistance, know-how and regular support around VNClagoon products. Becoming a VNClagoon reseller gives you both: very high exposure among potential customers and access to exclusive sales, marketing and technical insights provided by VNC professionals.

There are several options for you as a reseller to get involved, starting from simple resale of VNClagoon products, to hosting complex VNClagoon infrastructures and up to offering a wide range of support and services to customers.


Benefits of becoming a Reseller

VNC is committed to developing the world’s best stack of best-of-class Enterprise Software products and to providing the very best level of service to customers. As we have limited resources for professional services on local markets, we rely on partners for the delivery of complete solutions to the customers. We aim to build mutually beneficial and lasting relationships.

Becoming a VNClagoon Reseller provides several key benefits:

  • Access presales, training and technical consulting services
  • Gain differentiation and the competitive edge you need to stand out in the marketplace
  • Get recognized by potential customers and increase the visibility of your business by having your logo on the VNClagoon website
  • Get ahead of competitors by using technical support according to professional Service Level Agreements
  • Discounts on all VNClagoon products and services (professional training, consulting, custom development, etc.)
  • Ability to use the VNClagoon Reseller logo on your website
  • Participation to joint marketing events

As a typical ISP, your VNClagoon offering may include:

  • Nationally / locally hosted and operated VNClagoon platforms
  • Local pricing, taxes and jurisdiction
  • Dedicated instances for individual levels of security
  • Localization according to language, processes, design
  • Customization according to the demands of verticals and specific industries
  • Encryption on demand following national regulations
  • Customization and integration in third party products
  • Consulting, Implementation, Training, Service
  • First level support by phone, email and chat


We would really appreciate to see among our partners ISPs, Telcos, Hosting Companies, Software Resellers, System Integrators and Technology Consultancy companies, though there are no strict restrictions regarding the kinds of organizations entering the Reseller Program.

Application Process

The application process is fast and easy. To enroll in the reseller program, please contact us at:

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Get started with VNClagoon in your enterprise. Are you a Software Vendor or a Telco? Become a Reseller and sell VNClagoon to your customers.
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